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On a brisk February day in 2010 with new snow on the Sierra crest northwest of Manzanar National Historic Site, then Superintendent Les Inafuku presided over a long-awaited ground-breaking ceremony that would signal the reconstruction of Barracks 1 and 8 of Manzanar's Block 14. 

This year, under Superintendent Bernadette Johnson, a replication of the Block 14 women's latrine was completed in time for the 2017 Manzanar Pilgrimage.  Friends of Manzanar proudly contributed $80,000 toward the construction of the latrine.

The Pilgrimage marked the 75th anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066 and was attended by a record crowd of 2,000 pilgrims. The work of Manzanar National Historic Site goes beyond replicating structures and preserving artifacts. MNHS also works to support research about life in the block, oral histories, architectural details, and a survey for the demonstration block. Through a grant from the National Park Service's Japanese American Confinement Sites program, Friends of Manzanar helped collect oral histories from camp survivors and for general research on living conditions throughout the camp in support of interpretation of the demonstration block.

In the past, Friends of Manzanar has played a key role in raising funds for the reconstruction of Guard Tower Number 8, restoration of vegetation at the west entrance of the Interpretive Center, purchase of archival materials, and providing  support for many other Manzanar activities in the local communities near the site and within the Japanese American community.

Your help is needed to ensure that these important educational projects are successfully completed.  
Map of Manzanar and surrounding area.
A 1941 Ford truck sits outside the mess hall kitchen, part of an exhibit on food in the camp.
Merritt Park on the Manzanar site shows the replica bridge and Turtle Rock . The pond caught the attention of noted photographer Ansel Adams, who captured a similar view with his camera when the pond was filled with water in the early 1940s.
Long view of the mess hall restoration with the Sierra looming in the background.
Groundbreaking ceremonies are held for Barracks 1 and 8 of Block 14 at Manzanar National Historic Site.  Superintendent Les Inafuku addresses the crowd.  Seated behind him are contractor Erick Ammon, left, Lillian Kawasaki,  representing Friends of Manzanar, and Manzanar Committee co-chair Bruce Embrey.  Former detainee Hank Umemoto is sitting behind Superintendent Inafuku.
Our Mission

Friends of Manzanar works with the National Park Service and other interested groups to preserve and restore the Manzanar site and to interpret its stories, resources, and lessons for this and future generations.

Friends of Manzanar, Inc., a nonprofit California corporation, is exempt from taxation under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3) and California Revenue and Tax Code 23701d. Donations are tax deductible to the extent alllowable by law.