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Friends of Manzanar
Dedicated to Sharing the Lessons of History
Who We Are
Friends of Manzanar is an all-volunteer organization comprised of men and women who have come together in a united effort to educate others about the World War II experience of Japanese Americans and bring to light the lessons that experience holds for all people and for all time.

A California nonprofit corporation, Friends of Manzanar, Inc. was founded in 2004 by interested citizens led by Lillian Kawasaki and Rose Ochi.  To learn more about how you can become involved in our educational work, send us an email or make a donation.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.
Friends of Manzanar director Rose Ochi joins in honoring Keith Bright.
Former Manzanar National Historic Site superintendent Les Inafuku, left, meets with Friends of Manzanar directors Bill Michael, Dennis Otsuji, Dick Mansfield, Lillian Kawasaki, and Rose Ochi.
Historic orchard near Merritt Park is being nursed back to health by National Park Service orchardist Gerry Enes.  In this January photo, the trees are in winter remission.  Some of the fruit trees are a century old. Mount Williamson can be seen in the background.
Friends of Manzanar co-founder, the late Lillian Kawasaki, holds a plaque recognizing former Inyo County Superintendent, the late Keith Bright. Dennis Otsuji, past president of Friends of Manzanar, congratulates Bright.